Getting Started

If you are new to text-adventure gaming, no worries, just start typing. Try out something simple first, like look around or help.

Wth?! Why would anyone invest the time and effort to build such a useless game?

Well, I had just got back from a party where the concept of a Pac-Man + Zork hybrid came up as a joke. So, being 2am with a little alcohol in my system, I thought it'd be funny to code it up (as far as I could before collapsing). So, a couple hours later it was looking complete-ish (minus the ghosts' AIs and graphic assets). The next morning [read: afternoon] when I woke up, since I have an inability to realize sunk costs, I decided to throw some crappy AI in for the ghosts, put a few graphics on it (courtesy of and voila! A domain name purchase or two later, and here we go.

Marketing Potential

"Mixing the classic VIC-20* text-adventure games' style with the enthralling plot of Pac-Man for the ultimate in retro gaming action, we present Pac-txt."
*No sys 32592 or "Press play on tape" necessary.


Since you've gone through the effort of reading this far, we'll give you a few useful cheats. Try out debug, autolook or autonibble.